The vietnam war and its effects

Five key legacies of the vietnam war stand out as having shaped the nation -- and indeed, continue to do so today, writes rudy deleon. Vietnam war effects the vietnam war was a very costly war it not only affected those in battles, but it also left behind long term effects on people everywhere in the world it was an extremely costly war with over 58,000 americans dead and over 150,000 wounded in battle. Transcript of what effect did the vietnam war have on the world effects of the vietnam war by: nicole sorensen, madeline jerge and abby kaugher there are many different perspectives and ideas to consider in order to represent the full effects of the vietnam war veterans returning from war . The vietnam war also left many long lasting effects on the veterans who had fought hard in the war around 700,000 vietnam veterans suffered psychological after-effects the vietnam war thoroughly changed the way the american approaches military actions.

The vietnam war had several affects on the united states the war affected the production of goods and factories were producing things for the military instead of consumer goods few consumer goods were being produced and this was affecting the american economy greatly. Damage the economy the vietnam war damaged the us economy severely the us had poured some $168 billion into the war, but the real cost of the conflict was its impact on the economy. The vietnam war was the second-longest war in united states history, after the war in afghanistan promises and commitments to the people and government of south vietnam to keep communist forces from overtaking them reached back into the truman administration.

The most immediate effect of the vietnam war was the staggering death toll the war killed an estimated 2 million vietnamese civilians, 1 1 million north vietnamese troops, 200 , 000 south vietnamese troops, and 58 , 000 us troops. How did the vietnam war end and what were the long lasting effects was the idea that if vietnam fell to communism, its closest neighbors would soon follow. The vietnam war took place at an unusual time in united states history a record number of us women gave birth in the years 1946 to 1959, and the largest part of that “baby boom” was of . The vietnam war was a violent and turbulent time in america generally hated from its beginning, many still perceive it as a loss when one looks over the causalities in the war, it is noticeable that 58,000 members of our military lost their lives tragically in a ten year period(cite) however, communist vietnam reported losses in numbers close to a million. Ii the use of agent orange in the vietnam war and its effects on the vietnamese people pamela s king, bs mentor: pamela sodhy, phd abstract.

Agent orange was a chemical herbicide used during the vietnam war that had a devastating impact long after the conflict ended the controversy over agent orange and its effects has persisted . An opinion article last sunday about the effects of the vietnam war on the united states misstated the number of yale graduates who died in the war the war that killed trust order reprints . Get an answer for 'what are the effects of war on societywhat are the effects of war on society' and find homework help for other history questions at enotes the vietnam war made people . The vietnam war was a long, costly and divisive conflict that pitted the communist government of north vietnam against south vietnam and its principal ally, the united states the conflict was . Since world war ii, little research had determined whether amphetamine had a positive impact on soldiers’ performance, yet the american military readily supplied its troops in vietnam with speed.

The vietnam war and its effects

impact of the vietnam war on society (aus&vc) the vietnam war had a lasting effect on vietnam vets, who although fought their hardest for their country returned to . The vietnam war had an enormous impact on the life of americans, including various spheres of public and private life the consequences of the military conflict contributed to considerable changes in the us foreign policy. The vietnam war and its impact larry berman and jason newman source for information on the vietnam war and its impact: encyclopedia of american foreign policy dictionary. No war caused such great division among the american people like the vietnam war the war was extremely costly, and it left long-term effects on people all over the world as a whole, the american people agree that the vietnam war was a waste of time, money, and life.

  • In the united states, the war fought in vietnam from 1954 to 1975 is known as the vietnam war in vietnam, it is known as the american war effects of french .
  • Failure is a hard word, and no matter how you analyze the vietnam war, that is exactly what it was the war was a personal failure on a national scale from its covert beginnings, through the bloodiest, darkest days and finally to the bitter end, this ten-year period of american history is a .
  • Kennesaw state university guerilleros: the vietnam war and its detrimental effects on chicanos a thesis submitted to dr alan lebaron, dr randall patton, and dr.

- the vietnam war's effects on american society abstract the vietnam war had a profound effect on american society it changed the way we viewed our government, the media, and our constitutional rights. For obvious reasons the war in vietnam had a major impact on both south and north vietnam the combination of america’s massive military might and the tactics employed by the nlf all but ensured that the civilian population suffered appalling losses. Fact sheet 11: the vietnam war and its impact on southeast asia on 2 july 1976 the socialist republic of vietnam was declared hundreds of thousands of south vietnamese officials were imprisoned in re-education. Economic consequences of war on the us world war ii, the korean war, the vietnam war, and the conflict but only to highlight the macroeconomic effects of war .

the vietnam war and its effects The vietnam war was started by president eisenhower he was the first to involve the united states in the conflict between north and south vietnam, by putting in cia operatives and military advisors in south vietnam (ushistory).
The vietnam war and its effects
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